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Ready to take your island business to the next level?

Join the Island Biz Mastermind now!

The Island Biz Mastermind helps island business owners to connect, get support, and achieve consistent growth through powerful teachings and community!

Tired of feeling tired & alone?

You spend most of your energy trying to get clients, make your business work, and provide for yourself and your loved ones. It often feels like you’re alone in this journey… and not making much progress.

We get it.

With the Island Biz Mastermind, you finally get the support and community that will help you thrive and take your business to the next level of success. Keep reading to find out how.

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The 4 Core Pillars We’ll cover

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Build a highly-attractive brand that magnetizes new clients towards your business

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Generate new leads with ease and convert them into loyal, life-long customers

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Finally use social media in a way that gets concrete results and real returns for your business

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Create powerful visual, written, and video content that your audience will love + share

and so much more!

Only $49 Per Month (you can cancel any time)


Hey there!

If you don’t know me yet, I’m Flo! I created the Island Biz Mastermind as a home for entrepreneurs who are looking for support growing their business and want access to a caring community of like-minded individuals that want to see them shine!

I realize that you might not be ready to commit to $10,000 business coaching or marketing packages (I wasn’t either). But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve help or aren’t committed to growing your biz!

In fact when I first started my agency, I wish I could have found more support that came at a lower price point.

Therefore I made this program as affordable as possible to help you grow in a supportive environment and with an ever-growing library of powerful resources and tools.

When you join our community, here’s what you get:


2 Monthly Group Calls

Tune into live group calls twice a month to get answers to all your pressing questions, and find solutions to your current business challenges.


Community Support

Build meaningful connections and get support from our community of like-minded entrepreneurs through our exclusive Facebook community & bi-monthly calls.


Coaching & Mentoring

Receive weekly coaching and teachings from Flo to upgrade your business marketing and branding needs and start seeing real results.


Business Tips & Tools

Tap into an ever-growing library of business tools and resources to get your business to the next level. From social media growth, to productivity hacks, we’ll cover it all.

Only $49/Month until September 1st (cancel any time)

The Support System You Wish You could have Found Earlier

Your future success is built upon the foundation of being in the right mindset, taking powerful, result-driven actions, and surrounding yourself with people that want to help you win. Through the Island Biz Mastermind, you get to connect, learn, and get support from other island business owners who are going through the same challenges as you.


Our Promises


Flo and our tribe hold you accountable and encourage you to keep pushing limits beyond what you thought was possible

Practical Tools

Every month gain access to new methods, tips, and tricks to make your life easier, your work faster, and your business more profitable


Reach new heights by surrounding yourself with other high achievers who are on a mission to impact the world positively through their businesses


For once you feel like you’re not alone and that you are surrounded by others who truly understand you and your journey


Get your questions answered, your fears in check, and your challenges crushed by relying on our community for support

Constant Progress

Say goodbye to feelings of stagnation and procrastination, and instead watch yourself move forward on a constant basis thanks to your new support system

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this mastermind for?

Entrepreneurs and business owners from islands or in islands who are looking to grow their business and find a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

  • What does it mean to be an “island business owner”?

It means that you are either a business owner/entrepreneur from an island, or you are a business owner/entrepreneur living in an island.

  • Can I still join if I’m not an island business owner?

No, this program is specifically for business owners evolving in the island context. However you can still work with Global Island Girl Agency on an individual basis. Learn more here.

  • When can I stop my membership?

You can stop your membership at anytime before your next billing. No questions asked (but feedback will be appreciated).

  • What happens during the live group calls?

It depends on what the group asks for as we tailor content towards what’s most important to you. Generally speaking, there will always be some time for 1) teachings from Flo or a special guests for anything marketing, branding, business related 2) q&a time to tackle your pressing questions and difficulties using the power our group’s combined expertise.

  • What’s in the business tools library?

The business tools library is an ever growing library of videos, trainings, worksheets, and toolkits on various topics that will help you upgrade your business’ performance to the next level of profit, efficiency, reach, and impact.

  • How will joining this program help my business?

This program will provide you with the 3 pillars needed to take your business to the next level: support, community, and an arsenal of tools that actually work.

  • What payment options do I have?

You can sign up for the month by month payment of $49 per month (instead of $89). Keep in mind that this deal won’t last long.

What Others Have Said

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"I struggled to find a marketing team on whom I could really count. Then came Flo & her team who are godsend. They're proactive, detail-oriented, and care about my company as though it were their own. I feel ever-grateful to work with them and anyone who has the privilege of doing the same will be lucky, as well. I couldn't recommend more highly!"

- Darrah B., Atlanta, USA

“I was so lost with all of these new technologies and then Flo came along with her team and I felt like I could finally let go of this source of stress! The results they brought were amazing: a client reached out to us for a $60,000 contract right after they had upgraded our online presence and I could not believe it!”

- Georges T., Martinique


"We already had 3 new clients this weekend thanks to your help! They were very happy about their stay and all of them promised to come back and to bring their friends!"

- Lou Moon Lodge, Ghana

“We were able to maintain our privileges with ‘’ thanks to your intervention, and once again we really appreciated your professional assistance.”

- Hotel Kaveka, French Polynesia