December 26TH-30th, Martinique

ARISE: Island Experience

Awaken the strong woman within in this 5-day experience above the clouds.



2018: the year where women decided to stop playing small and instead STEP into their power. We see you, sis!

At ARISE, you’ll be harvesting the volcanic super power of Mount Pelée, Martinique’s volcano, to continue strengthening this new version of yourself that is unapologetically BOLD+GROUNDED+STRONG.

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The Experience

Imagine yourself waking up on a volcano (yes, really!), surrounded by a lush tropical forest, and facing the black sand beaches of Martinique with a tribe of 10 other amazing women!

For 5 days, you will get to nurture yourself through extra self-care and self-love, & build up the inner strength you weren’t even aware of!

Your Hosts

Florence 'Flo' Turiaf is an entrepreneur, transformation coach, mentor, story teller, and world explorer. Flo was born and raised on the small Caribbean island of Martinique and has been in love with travel, exploring new cultures, and helping people feel happy since the age of 14.  
Flo has been to 22 countries, more than 20 islands, and lived on 9 islands across 3 oceans, establishing her as THE expert in island cultures and experiences. She founded Global Island Girl in 2018 to help people and businesses shine and thrive through the "Island Spirit" and create lives they love! 
ARISE Island Experience was born in response to numerous requests Flo received for a deep dive, immersive island experience. Throughout the experience, she’ll be guiding you to create a stronger mindset and develop new levels of confidence!



Christa Pryor is a celebrity pro athlete coach, neuroperformance specialist and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience helping some of the world’s greatest athletes reach their top performance. As the founder of ‘Elevate Mind. Body. Game.’, Christa helps individuals make their brain and their body work together to elevate their performance in sports and in life. She is also gifted in helping bridge the gap between movement and fun, thus making physical activity accessible and enjoyable to all! Throughout the experience, she’ll be leading you daily with amazing movement sessions and workshops to reconnect you to your body so that can feel strong and unstoppable!

Our Workshops

Nurturing Your Inner Magma

An introduction to ayurveda and the practices that can help you keep your internal organs healthy and strong. This workshop will focus on your blood and lymphatic system. Ayurveda is an ancient tradition from India, but given Martinique’s diverse cultural background, this is a practice that many Martinicans of Indian origins continue to practice today.


Avoiding the eruption: Time-out before the Burn out

Ever experienced a burn out? Us too! And we’re not going back there. In this workshop, you will learn how to recognize the warning signs of when you’re exhausting yourself and simple tools and practices you can integrate to make sure your most valuable asset (you) continues to thrive!


Feeling into the Alizée winds: Breath as medicine

Do you know how to breathe? Yes? You might have to think again after this workshop that will teach you how to master this essential and life giving act in a more conscious way. By the end of it you will know how to adapt and use your breath for any situation life throws at you like a magic wand!


Emotional Hurricane vs Waterfall

How do you handle feelings of anger, sadness, fear, shame, guilt, worry on the daily? Like most people, you probably resist some or all of these emotions and end up exhausting yourself. In this workshop, you will learn how to let all emotions move THROUGH you with ease and grace, thus making more room for you to be yourself at all times.


Lessons on confidence from Mount Pelée

Confidence: a word that everyone throws around easily and yet most aren’t sure how to really attain it. In this workshop, we will use mount Pelée, our volcano home as a leading example of what it means to be confident and find ways to embody her power ourselves.


Dowload the tentative schedule here to get a deeper glimpse into the experience!

5 Ways To ARISE



Get your body moving through fun workouts, yoga, a local dance class, and a final glorious hike to the top of Mount Pelée!!!




Learn about Emotional Freedom, taking time out before your burn out, envision your 2019, and receive transformational coaching to set yourself up for success.



Start your day with meditation facing the mountain & learn how to feed your body with what it needs to thrive through an ayurvedic class.



Spend some time soaking in the sun, playing on a black sand beach, swimming with sea turtles or exploring the northern side of this culturally rich island!




Create meaningful bonds with your new soul sisters through games, girl chats, group activities, and group meals! 

A day at the Island Arise Retreat


Your Investment

Early Bird tickets (Extended to October 31st**)

  • 1500 €/$1760* (Get 100€ off if you bring a friend!)

**Prices will increase afterwards**

*600€ deposit to secure your spot + payment plan available*

What We Take Care Of


What's On You

4 nights of housing- ALL workshops, activities, and coaching%2Fmentoring sessions- 3 meals a day + fruit snacks throughout the day- Soft drinks- Your access to a new loving community- Secret gifts.jpg

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