The Glow Up Academy


Do you think being ‘20 something years old’ means you need to settle for an average & unfufilling life? Think again, sister!

It’s time for you to GLOW UP and shine your light!

Are you ready?

Girl, I know adulting is hard. You’re trying to find your way in this big world and sometimes the pressure is so intense that you just give up on your dreams and start operating in survival mode.


“Maybe one day" becomes your go-to phrase. “Maybe one day I’ll get to feel happy”. “Maybe one day I’ll get to pursue that dream of mine”. “Maybe one day I’ll have enough money to do this thing…”

As a 20 something woman leading the way and embodying what it means to live a life of fulfillment and happiness, I’m here to say ENOUGH to all of this stuff that’s making you play small.

The only time to live your best life is NOW sister, and I am here to help you start today.


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What’s the Glow Up Academy?

An Uplifting Program helping women who are in their 20s SHINE + THRIVE.

We support young women in building their dreams through powerful transformation coaching and mentoring!

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An Invitation to live your best life NOW.

We encourage our members to prioritize their happiness at all times, starting with the present. AND we give them access to game changing tools that help them feel fulfilled and excited about life!

A COMMUNITY of supportive sisters that want to HELP each other succeed!

We are all about sisterhood, in the most uplifting and helpful sense of the word. We support each other in becoming the most MAJESTIC version of ourselves!

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The 3 Keys To Your Glow Up



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Concrete Tools

What You Get


Get support overcoming your biggest challenges through our monthly group coaching call + additional help from Flo throughout the week! (valued at €500+)

Monthly Toolkit

Reflection + visualization excercizes, meditations, affirmations, videos, podcasts, and books that will support your transformation! (valued at € 500+)

Special Guest Mentor Q&A

Each month we bring in special guest mentors that guide you with each month's theme and answer your most burning questions! (valued at €500+)

Facebook Group

Your exclusive access to a community of sisters you can rely on to see you, hear you, and support you throughout this journey! Vent, celebrate, ask for & receive help! (priceless!)

Estimated monthly value: €1500+++

Your Investment

Group only: 30 euros/month


Premium: 130 euros/month*

*Includes ONE 1 hour individual coaching call per month with Flo*