6 Weeks Emotional Freedom Program

Emotions: also known as energy in motion.

  • Your job: to let them flow through you + live your best life

  • My job: to help you do just that!

Here is the thing when it comes to emotions: I know it's hard to believe but you actually CANNOT ignore, block, or delay them forever as this will result in feelings of restlessness, exhaustion, being misunderstood, overwhelmed, and unable to truly connect with others in your life on a more meaningful level (among other things)!

If that's already happening for you, let me help you make a 180 turn and start living your life with EASE and SERENITY, no matter what challenges life throws at you! You may not believe it (YET) but there is another way to approach emotions: it's called Emotional Freedom, and I'm taking you straight there through this program!

Here is how you're going to go from Emotional Prison to Emotional Freedom in just 6 weeks!

Group Coaching

Every week, I will be coaching and mentoring the group for at least 1 hour as we go through our process of emotional liberation! We will cover topics such as EXPRESSING our emotions, UNDERSTANDING them and learning how to RELEASE them, among other things! We'll have a super powerful and safe space for us to go deep and make some radical progress every. single. week. 

Individual coaching

You'll also get at least 2 individual coaching session with me (depending on the options you choose below), where I will coach you on things that are very specific to YOU and we will come up with a plan that is tailored to your needs. You'll have the opportunity to get my support for anything that you're struggling with and I will make sure you leave these sessions feeling connected to your POWER, ready to conquer the world while also thriving emotionally!

Lifetime Access to Powerfull tools

You'll have access to a library of super powerful tools (videos, ted talks, meditations etc.), a workbook with exercises and reflections that will serve you during and beyond the program, an exclusive access to our Facebook group with support from our community, + more resources to guarantee that you will be emotionally FREE long after this program! You will be leaving this program with a strong foundation of skills, tools and community that are going to take your life to a whole new level!!!