Ready to TRANSFORM + CREATE your own version of the Dream Life?

Hey there, Let's Get Real


Do you currently feel like

  • You're not excited about life

  • You're not fulfilled in your work, relationships etc.

  • You're bored and not living life to the fullest

  • You have dormant dreams you'll never accomplish

  • You're not living your purpose?

If so, you're in need of some ISLAND SPIRIT in your life, ASAP!

The Island Spirit


1. The life force and way of life stemming from islands that brings a deep sense of feeling
ALIVE+ ALIGNED + AWAKENED to those that are touched by it.
2. A state most people think they can only attain when going on vacation once a year. They're wrong & just haven't had the Global Island Girl experience, yet. 

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Through the Island Spirit Methodology, you will transform into the most majestic version of yourself, and

  • Become an ACTIVE CREATOR of your own happiness

  • Feel ENERGIZED to reach a new potential you never knew existed

  • Discover your life's MISSION and soul's PURPOSE

  • Feel more PEACE OF MIND and ALIGNMENT in every area of your life

  • Reconnect to your inner LIGHT and POWER

You want to see what that feels like?


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Global Island Girl Coaching Brochure (5).jpg



  • 3 month Intensive

  • 12 one hour sessions

  • Bonus Email Support

  • 25% off Island Experiences

2000 €

*Payment Plan available


  • 1 month

  • 2 one hour sessions

  • Bonus Email Support

  • 15% off Island Experiences

600 €

What My Clients Have Said

Candace, Life Coach from Canada. 

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"Coaching with you has helped me to discover solutions to my own problems, develop and maintain boundaries with others and increased my confidence. When my aunt passed away, you helped guide me through some of the grief and get me from a scattered frantic mindset into a much more calm and focused state of mind.  You have a genuine warmth and kindness that makes it easy to open up to you and at the same time you're powerfully focused on asking the tough questions to guide me to a higher state of being.  I'd recommend coaching with you to anyone who is ready to make some serious shifts in their life."

Shaina, Education + Social Justice Activist from the U.S. + Ecuador

"Through your coaching I was able to recognize the emotions I was storing away & bridge the gap of how it was affecting me & taking a huge toll with relationships with my loved ones. I remember on our first phone call I was CRYING, & I was like "ugh I don't know why I am crying", & it was because I was finally releasing ALL of the negative emotions that have been tucked away for YEARS! I was able to leave that first phone call with concrete SKILLS, TECHNIQUES, & a GAME PLAN, to break an unhealthy cycle of keeping quiet and not truly expressing myself. I can't thank you enough for the change you have brought to my life &I feel SO ACCOMPLISHED that I am making change these within MYSELF!"

Elaine, Life Coach from the U.K.

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"Honestly Flo, when we have our coaching sessions I just know that you are going to not let me get through without stretching and challenging myself to align myself with my true values. The fact that you hold me to higher standards really means I have no choice but to bring my A game to each session. When I do, when I play full-out and I know I’m being honest with myself, I really shock myself with how many resources I hold within that I just never think to look for. You give such safety and freedom to show up in my fullest and I am eternally grateful for the growth and joy I now experience. I’m so glad I found you to work with, and I look forward to seeing all the other lives you are going to help transform"

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