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The Why of Global Island Girl

Dear travellers, islanders, and island lovers,

Welcome to Global Island Girl, your platform dedicated to upgrading world travel in islands and beyond.

So here is the deal. After 10 years of travelling and living around the world, in 3 oceans, 4 continents, with over 20 countries that I visited and 12 islands where I actually lived, I am concerned about the current state of the travel industry, and I am 100% committed to doing something about it.

So now you’re wondering what’s wrong with what we’re currently doing, Flo?! What is there to fix?! (I’m Flo by the way, your host, founder of GIG and Chief Island Officer, learn more about me here or in my latest interview with Travel Noire)

Ok so, here it is…. **Takes a deep breathe**

I think that MOST travellers today are neither doing their best nor getting the best out of their travel experiences, especially in islands. And here is why…

We are only getting 25% of the “Island Life”

Y’all, we live in a day and age where Instagram showcases 11 million pictures tagged #IslandLife and it’s 99% butts, abs, bikinis, beautiful views, cocktails, turquoise water and luxury villas. Don’t take my word for it, check it out here.


These pics are great, but that’s not the full truth of the island life.

The other 25%-75%

In all of your current and future favorite islands, you can also find increasing natural catastrophes, deteriorating environments, disappearing cultures, and gentrification…

Yikes. I know that’s a lot and it’s so much less sexy. I get it.

At this point, what I’m saying might be bothering some of you, but that’s OK, because I am not just blaming you (us), I’m proposing that we all learn to do better together. Just stay with me for a second.

YUP. Your favs are about to be GONE. Check out this article  here

YUP. Your favs are about to be GONE. Check out this article here

To me, the best example of the current narrative around the ‘island life’ are the Maldives!!!!

*******Tell me WHY no one is talking about the fact that these islands are literally going to disappear because of climate change?*****

Do we really only care about pretty pictures on Instagram and not the actual places and people that are threatened over there???

I don’t get it y'all. But at the same time I do. I mean look at this water. It’s SO instagramable.

****and it’s also rising to life threatening levels****


We’re also missing out on the best part

Look, I am not saying that it's all bad on the islands, but even on the bright sides, most people are still missing out on opportunities of real human connection that are life changing!!!! I’m talking about cultural immersion, community empowerment, international collaboration, and just simply being in a place with people that come from different backgrounds and experiences.


Because I’ve experienced islands from multiple perspectives and in many places across the globe, all I am saying is, we can all get more out of the REAL ISLAND LIFE. More happiness, more pleasure and most importantly, more positive impact.

Why is this important?

The reality of the current state of travel is that most people who are claiming the "Island Life" today have no idea what it's like to be living the Real Island Life. And I understand that “ignorance is bliss”, but it’s also harmful in this case because it results in an erasure of islanders’ stories and an ignorance towards our most pressing issues.

What you are saying and doing matters

Today, there is a real gap in the narrative around islands and a disconnection between island lovers (people that claim to love islands) and islanders. And that’s very dangerous for our collective future because we need to make this world a better place in order to survive and then thrive! And that can’t happen if we’re not really understanding each other and being kind to one another.

Flo, her friend and business partner Katie and Ibu Agung, the first business owner that  Api Marché  will support

Flo, her friend and business partner Katie and Ibu Agung, the first business owner that Api Marché will support

As an islander, and further, a Global Islander, I am in a very difficult position right now because I want to call out so many people who are engaging in harmful behaviors in islands around the world (and other popular travel destinations) but I also want people to keep visiting us and keep getting rich experiences in our homes. Because I believe that travel is one of the most powerful tools to put an end to all of our problems of poverty, war, injustice, inequality…(you name it)!

So, through Global Island Girl, the team and I are going to change the game in a way that feels empowering for all parties involved. And starting now.

How are we going to do that?!

It’s quite simple actually, thank you for asking. Here’s what we’re proposing:

  1. The Experiences : for global leaders who are islanders and island lovers and who want to change the world while going on transformational travel journeys

  2. The Series: for those who want to travel, be entertained and informed through their screens

  3. The Consulting Agency: for businesses that are ready to step up their game with us and improve their global image and performance while making a positive impact

  4. The Community: to create a common global space of love, exchange and impact for our tribe of islanders and island lovers

These 4 platforms are the 4 pillars of the G.I.G. Empire (wow, did I just write that this is an empire?! Talk about dreaming big right?!).

Most importantly, everything that we create will be centered around our 3 core values, the 3Ps:

People, Planet, and Pleasure.

Pretty clear and simple right?! Right.

So, what now?

Now you get involved, obviously!!!!!

Please explore the website and if you believe in what we’re creating and you want to get involved, subscribe to our newsletter below and get in touch.

We’ll be back soon with more info on our next projects, so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter!

With love and good island vybz,