3 Tips To Clarify Your Brand Messaging And Make Your Business Stand Out

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The best brands in the world are the ones that are easily remembered because they excel at communicating their unique value and the exceptional experiences they provide to their target markets. Think of Nike in the sportswear industry, Banyan Tree for luxury hotels, Emirates for airlines, Walmart for retail etc. 

You know who they are, what their brands stand for, and the unique value they bring to their customers because they’ve spent years refining their message and consistently delivering on their promises.

In the same manner, when you’re building your business brand, you need to think of your brand message as a key component of your marketing strategy. The goals is to facilitate the decision-making process for your target market by helping them know and remember the unique experience that you provide.

Follow the next 3 tips to refine and clarify your brand messaging so that you can attract your ideal customers and make that your business stand out from its competitors.

1. Learn how to communicate your unique value proposition better (and faster)

Your unique offers might feel obvious to you after spending multiple years building your business. If you’re a hotel you might be thinking, “well, obviously we provide amazing accommodations for travelers”, but it’s not that obvious. A general statement like this doesn’t help business leads make a decision on whether or not they should buy from you.

As you’re developing your brand message, always assume that people don’t know anything about your services or products. They’re looking for a solution to their problems and searching through hundreds, if not thousands of options available on the market. Your job is to educate potential customers about who what makes your brand unique and why they should choose you.

Think about 1 simple sentence that people, as in your team members, customers,and general audience can easily use when describing your business. Simple and easy messaging are the keywords here.

Your brand statement should describe: 

  • Who your brand serves, as in your ideal customers

  • How you serve them, as in what types of services or products you offer

  • The results that you bring

This approach helps you to not only attract the right customers to your business, but it also filters out people who would not be a good fit for your brand.

At Global Island Girl Agency for example “we expand businesses’ global impact and reach through highly magnetic and sales-driven digital and experiential marketing”. 

If you’re a business with an international audience or you want to build an international audience, you’ll likely pay attention to what our agency does (and you can learn more here), but if you have no interest in reaching people besides your immediate town or country, you’ll understand that our services are probably not for you. 

Once you come up with your brand statement, don’t be afraid to use it often so that people start to remember your business’ unique value proposition. Write it on your website, your Instagram bio, and your Facebook description, state it in conversations when introducing your services or products, have your staff learn this statement by heart etc. 

You want people both on and off your team to communicate clearly about your business’ offers, and it starts with getting clear on how to speak to your ideal audience.

2. Stay true to your core business values

Your core values should serve as the foundation for your business. Your potential customers should feel these whenever they come into contact with your brand. Whether it is through your visual representation, customer enrollment process, or the delivery of you services, your brand experience will need to transmit your core values so that people can easily know, feel, and remember what you stand for. 

If you pride yourself as a brand with “romance” as a core value, then really be committed to it. Have romantic images on your social media platforms, share ideas for romantic experiences, add special romantic touches to your customers’ experiences. Maybe avoid talking about tragic events (unless you’re into romantic tragedies). 

At Global Island Girl Agency, two of our core values are ease of process and high quality services that bring concrete results. Accordingly, we’ve put systems in place to ensure that all of our actions deliver on these values. We plan ahead so that we don’t have to go back and forth with our customers to get things done, this way they can focus on what they excel at while we take care of their marketing strategy. We also take our time to check the quality of our work, we ask for consistent feedback from clients and our network, we monitor our results and we change course our plan falls short of our initial goals. 

When you think about staying true to your values, remember that it’s your reputation that is at risk. You cannot afford to have it ruined because you shared the wrong article or did something that was opposite to what you preach. 

Pick your core values wisely and stay true to them at all times. 

3. Be consistent when communicating about your brand

Gone are the days where there was only one place where people could learn about your brand online. With new technologies and the increasing digitization of businesses, brands are represented on 10+ different platforms all at once, most of which they control (on social media channels, or their website), and some that they don’t (reviews site, media features, others’ social media platforms etc.). 

Brand consistency is crucial in your messaging on ALL of these platforms so that no matter where people get in contact with your business, they get the right idea about what your business is and what you bring to the table. 

As an example, I’ve seen many hotels being very inconsistent with their brand messaging on their websites and their social media platforms. They’ll have a clean website showcasing beautiful photos of their location, and modern amenities and activities, but then their Instagram page is made of 3 blurry, unflattering and random pictures that make you want to run in the opposite direction.

Or even worse, they’ll highlight their amazing customer service and attention to detail, and then they’ll leave reviews with negative feedback unanswered on TripAdvisor. 

Being consistent about what your brand stands for and your unique value proposition will make a difference in whether you’re converting many or just some your leads. I know it’s a lot of work keeping up with, especially as you keep adding on more digital platforms to manage, but it is necessary if you want to make your business stand out from the crowd. 

This is where having a dedicated team such as the Global Island Girl Agency can help alleviate some of the pressure and overwhelm you may feel and help you shine on all fronts.

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