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It can be hard to keep up, but don’t worry, we'll help you elevate your business’ performance to the next level.



We expand businesses’ global reach & impact through highly magnetic, powerful, & sales-driven digital and experiential marketing.


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Our Difference?

For you that means…

  • No more confusion over what to do, where to post and how to do it.

  • Say ‘goodbye’ to the frustration from service providers that over-promise and under-deliver.

  • And forget about your marketing & client satisfaction exhaustion.

We’ll take care of everything while you focus on what you excel at. Sound good?

Our Services


We’ll help showcase your brand's unique voice through powerful 360° representation

Video, Photo, Web Design, Logos, Graphic Design, media kits, marketing materials etc. We do it all.

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We'll create powerful campaigns that showcase your brand’s unique value and attracts your ideal customers.

Email marketing, paid advertizing, social media strategy & management, podcasting, video, press, blogging, etc . Wherever your customers spend their time we’ll be there.

We'll help you collaborate with influencers that can help you access & attract your ideal customers with ease.

Influencer research, outreach, partnerships, project management, monitoring and evaluation etc. Everything that makes influencer marketing campaigns run smoothly and bring results.

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We 'll help you integrate local culture into your services and help you make your client' s experiences unforgettable.

Experience design, cultural integration & immersion, client feedback etc. We build a bridge between cultural experiences and client fidelity and satisfaction.

"I struggled to find a marketing team on whom I could really count. Then came Flo & her team who are godsend. They're proactive, detail-oriented, and care about my company as though it were their own. I feel ever-grateful to work with them and anyone who has the privilege of doing the same will be lucky, as well. I couldn't recommend more highly!” -Darrah B.

Success Stories

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Luxury Boutique Hotel: Axim, Ghana

Within a month of our collaboration, Lou Moon Lodge started to experience rapid & organic growth on all of its social media channels which resulted in increased bookings & PR opportunities on national TV shows. We created photo + video content for them along with a simple yet efficient digital strategy that helped them shine!

Followers before GIG intervention

Followers before GIG intervention

Followers 1 month after intervention

Followers 1 month after intervention

Instagram page before GIG intervention

Instagram page before GIG intervention

Instagram page after GIG intervention

Instagram page after GIG intervention

"We already had 3 new clients this weekend thanks to your help! They were very happy about their stay and all of them promised to come back and to bring their friends!" -Tony L.


3-star Boutique Hotel: Mo’orea, French Polynesia

The Kaveka Hotel improved its rating from 60 to 98% after we helped them re-brand through new high quality photos of their facilities. We also elevated their brand image through a new logo, promo video and the optimisation of their Facebook page.

“We were able to maintain our privileges with ‘’ thanks to your intervention, and once again we really appreciated your professional assistance.” -Greg H.


Vacation Rentals: Anse d’Arlet, Martinique

Kay Guito doubled their occupancy rates from 25 to 45% in 1 year after we helped them re-brand and integrate the Airbnb platform. After this first success, we are now helping them reach other customer channels through a brand new website, social media presence and content marketing.

Others Who’ve Trusted Us

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Los Angeles, USA

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Atlanta, USA

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“I was so lost with all of these new technologies and then Flo came along with her team and I felt like I could finally let go of this source of stress! The results they brought were amazing: a client reached out to us for a $60,000 contract right after they had upgraded our online presence and I could not believe it!”

Georges T.