Global Island Girl

What if we left our destinations better than how we found them?

That’s the type of impact we have at Global Island Girl.

We’re on a mission to upgrade world travel in islands and beyond by focusing on what matters most:


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What We Do 


The GIG Agency:

Helping businesses upgrade their global performance and image

Through our 1-stop shop agency, we help our clients take their customers' experience to the next level of unforgettable by introducing strategic and innovative elements that touch the heart.


Real Island Life Experiences:

Transformational travel journeys for Global Leaders

Real Island Life (RIL) Experiences are Individual & Group travel experiences in amazing island destinations for those who are seeking a deeper impact from their trips. They combine all of the most powerful elements of the 'Island Life'.


Real Island Life Series:

A 360° sensorial exploration of amazing islands around the world

The #RealIslandLife series is an invitation to explore life in some of the most unique islands around the world from a holistic perspective. Beauty. Culture. Society. Impact.


Global Island Girls and Guys:

A tribe of impact driven islanders around the world

Through a vlog, blog and soon to be podcast, the GIG travel and lifestyle brand centers around Florence 'Flo' Turiaf and global community of purpose-driven islanders and island lovers who are making a positive impact around the world through their gift.

Places Where We’ve Had An Impact

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Who We Are

Global Island Girl was founded by Florence 'Flo' Turiaf, an international entrepreneur, speaker, story teller, coach, and world explorer.

Flo was born and raised on the small French Caribbean island of Martinique and at the age of 14, she moved to Los Angeles by herself to pursue her 'American Dream' through her studies and athletic career.

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Florence “Flo” Turiaf, Chief Island Officer, Founder of G.I.G.

Being in love with exploration and authentic cultural experiences, Flo has been to 23 countries and more than 20 islands. She's also lived full time on 12 islands and 8 countries across the world, establishing her as THE expert in island culture and impactful travel experiences.

Now after 10 years of exceptional experiences in international development, digital marketing, live experiences, & the travel and hospitality industry all over the world, Flo is using her expertise to the service and future of islands and other travel spots.

Global Island Girl is creating more meaningful connections between travellers and their destinations, and thus making sure that we are leaving the places we explore better than how found them.

You can contact Flo here for collaborations and other opportunities.

Our Core Team


Shaina Coronel, Public Relations


Mathias Drané, Photography & Videography

In order to promote local community empowerment, we also work with local experts that vary in each destination. Think Global, Act Local is the guiding principle.